In this site you will be able to locate the parks of Jalisco for the following approaches:

  • Lease of industrial warehouse
  • Locate land to buy
  • BTS (build to suit (custom made for rent / purchase))

We concentrate the largest network of developers and industrial parks in Jalisco.

Why Jalisco?

Logistics: Preferred location for distribution centers, fullfillment and last-mile

Excellent strategic connection to the road and rail network for travel to the center and north of the country.

• 220km from the Port of Manzanillo (asian market product reception door).

• 3rd airport of most important passengers in Mexico.

• 1st place at airport in volume and 2nd in cargo operations nationwide.

Main countries with Investment in Jalisco

Strategic Sectors

Logistics, advanced manufacturing, high technology, electrical-electronics, auto parts, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumer goods.

Industrial Parks

45 industrial parks accredited by our Association.

4th Helix

Excellent coordination of projects between industry, academia, government and society for investment care.


Constant production chain programs to search for industrial requirements of companies established in Jalisco.


Agile capacity for talent mapping and linking (12,000+ engineers graduated annually).

Agile Government

Coordination under agreements with municipalities and the state for a "single window" and an accelerated landing of companies within our industrial parks.

Advantages within an industrial park


We have industrial parks certified under safety standards for the operation of tenant companies. The integrity of its operating processes, equipment and employees will be shielded.


Our industrial parks are strategically located in the best industrial corridors of Jalisco, with proximity to services, road infrastructure. sector ecosystems and neighboring talents.


The set of services within an AAA industrial park provides you with a shelter so that you can focus your core business within your operation. Our industrial parks have the most robust infrastructure adhering to national and international norms and standards.


Our institutional developers have the ability to offer you either an industrial warehouse adaptable to your needs, land within an industrial park and even the construction and leasing of a "Build to Suit" project.

Site Selection Jalisco

  • Closeness to potential markets.
  • Feasibility of increasing income.
  • Industrial ecosystems.
  • Competitive manufacturing and operating costs.
  • Infrastructure conditions and industrial parks AAA.
  • Talent: highly qualified personnal.
  • Security conditions.
  • Proximity to supply chains.
  • Efficient distribution channels.
  • Quality of life.
  • Accelerated landing times.
  • Investment incentives.